About Frontier Church

Frontier Church
Frontier Church

Frontier Church is a dynamic, engaging, bible-believing church that has a heart for the lost and the believer, both.  We preach God’s Word; that Christ saves sinners.  God’s Word changes lives, and we will continue to preach the Gospel, speaking to the life changing power of Jesus Christ.  We will teach, train, and live lives that testify to God’s goodness and point people to the foot of the cross.

We are called to serve our community. God’s word says that those who will be first shall be last, and those that are last shall be first. As children of God, it’s His faithfulness and love that calls us into service to others; so they can see God’s glory shine through our lives and to see how good He really is.

God has given Frontier Church the vision to establish the largest multicultural church that reaches the lost, serves its communities and experiences the presence of God together in unity. Our mission is to lead people to discover their full potential in Jesus and impact the world.

We hope to see you here and to serve the King alongside you.