Praise & Production

Heart, Soul, and Might

Praise & Production is the heart of the ministry inside the four walls of the church building.

Countless hours spent learning, practicing, preparing; all to lead people to place of praise and worship, where their hearts and minds are ready to receive a Word from God Almighty. Some people think it comes easy. Some know it only comes from God. After all He has done, the only thing we can give in return is our praise and worship.

Tech Team

If you combine a love for Father and His kids, and combine it with the heart of a blacksmith, you’ve got the perfect tech team member. Don’t get us wrong, it also helps to have some technical ability, but some things can be gifted, or be taught.

You’re not in the spotlight, you run the spotlight. You’re not simply singing or playing an instrument, you’re the one making sure the whole band sounds good. You’re not a member reading words off the screen, you’re making sure a room full of people can pour their whole heart into worshiping the King. (Can tell we have a special spot in our heart for tech team members? Maybe just a little.)

Worship Team

With a heart for praise and worship to the King of Kings, you lead a room full of people to a place where they can do the same thing. Voices loud, hands raised, heart bowed… the enemy doesn’t stand a chance! If you can sing or play an instrument, we hold auditions to join the team every so often. Feel free to talk to the staff or pay attention to the announcements for dates and times. (Or, Volunteer here.)